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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Follow up on Chapter 1

Dear Asha, Ajay, Ravi and Ariana,

This is a follow up on my initial letter to all of you. In that letter I mentioned how neurosciences and genetics are advancing. I mentioned that even consciousness is coming under scientific scrutiny. Interestingly, in this week’s issue of Science, there is an interesting article on Consciousness and anesthesia ( Consciousness and Anesthesia Alkire MT, Hudetz AG and Tononi G . Science Vol 322:876-880, 2008). This issue of Science also has a review article on Genetic mapping in human disease. In addition, this issue is dedicated to several articles on genetics of human behavior. This journal is sometimes available in County Public Libraries. Hope you will read them when you are ready.

May I also recommend you read two books, if you get interested in thinking about consciousness? One is a textbook, with the title Consciousness – An Introduction by Susan Blakemore published by the Oxford University Press in 2004. The other is by Douglas Hofstadter with the title “I am a strange loop” and published by Basic Books in 2007.

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