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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Brain’s problems

Brain is an amazing organ.
It is the seat of our mind.
Its main function is information exchange.
It has two components – one that keeps our internal milieu constant so we can live. This is like our thermostat with a servo mechanism. It receives signals and readjusts our chemistries without our knowing.
The other is for receiving signals from the outside world and responding.
It has to receive signals correctly, interpret them correctly, respond on time and with right movements, store the information and the experience and go back to retrieve them when needed.
It can deal with internal changes we are not even aware of, it can respond to external things we become aware of and it can also think of “non-existent” things, like ideas.
It can imagine things.
It uses language to imagine things.
Human brain has language capacity!
That is its boon and a bane!
The mind (brain) loves words.
If it imagines something, it gives it a name.
It is useful and necessary to do so.
Sometimes though, it is a handicap.
It tends to believe in some things just because there is a name for it, even when there is no proof.
It mistakes words for the things.
It likes to have an explanation for everything.
But not necessarily the correct one.
It wants a quick and easy answer most of the time.
Therefore, it accepts plausible explanation.
Once it thinks it has an answer, it stops thinking.
It clings to the first available “easy” answer.
It jumps to conclusion.
What is worse, it tends to justify its conclusions, even if wrong.
It is fickle.
It is always in conflict with itself – between its reason and its emotion.
Many things can go wrong with perception, interpretation and conclusions; indeed they do.
But, this brain is all we have. We need to work within its limitations.
We have to know its limitations.
Even for that, we have to use the same imperfect brain!
But, it is lots of fun! May be, it is not!!
I still think the brain is the most amazing organ of our body.

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