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Sunday, January 1, 2012

So, Why argue?

The following thoughts were inspired by Nasadiya Sukta of Rg veda and an essay with the title “Before the first; After the last” by Mr.Kannadasan, a great contemporary Tamil poet.

Wherefrom did I come?
And you?
From fire or primordial stew?
From molded rib or a simian sib?
I wasn’t there to know;
Nor were you.
Nor was anyone else who knew.
So, Why argue?

Where do I go, when I am no more?
To Heaven, I say;
No, not so, you say
Unless I believe your way.
I don’t know
Nor do you.
For, who can come back
After being no more
And settle our score?
So, why argue?

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