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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Confusion or Clarity

Deep thinking can lead one to confusion or clarity.

If you just follow your thoughts wherever they take you, most likely it will lead to confusion. If you observe the thoughts and acknowledge them, but stay detached (“deep looking” of the Buddhist system) it is likely to lead to clarity. As pointed out by ancient seers, this is the same as being a “witness” to the thoughts. 

Controlling the mind and staying silent are difficult. Silence meditation is harder to do and may lead to chasing of thoughts and frustration. It may even be frightening to some. Deep looking, staying as a non-judgmental observer of feelings and thoughts, and understanding oneself is more likely to settle you down. It will lead to clarity and may even lead you to silence.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Consider Time as a River

Consider Time as a River, please.

I am talking about the Universal Time.

We do not know where it started and where it ends – if at all

Consider also for a moment that we are “Runners”

               Dropped on the banks of this river

 of “life”

               To run a race – life’s journey

Some cannot run – the race is over before it started

Some run, but drop off on the way – like marathon runners

Some take off – like a sprinter

               And are out of sight like a blur

But, most of us run a “steadier” course, like the tortoise

In this “race”, in this Journey

I am glad I was able to run with you

And be in your company

I might have lost you for a while

But, am so glad I caught up with you

Or, may be it is the other way around

Whatever it is