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Friday, February 1, 2013

Reaching, Praying, Meditating

I am an Unknown; and I am reaching out to an unknowable.
Are prayer and meditation attempts to reach an unknowable by the unknown?
Is meditation a better mode, since
Meditation is to relate the personal to the Universal?
Meditation is to relate the wave to the ocean
It is to use the phenomenal body – mind -  awareness  complex  to abide constantly  in the Real Source
My “I” is one of the many ”I”s.
Therefore, it is Brahman and Atman, all at once, here and now
It is One and the Many at once
Meditation is to connect  to the One vertically
It is to connect to the many horizontally
It is to connect to the One and the many at the Same Time
And thus
Find the correct position of the “I” in this cosmos
And realize that we are all
Interconnected, Interdependent, Impermanent, "Inter-beings"

Soon after I explored these thoughts, I came across the following note of caution in David Deutsch’s book on The Beginning of Infinity. It says: “Trying to know the unknowable leads inexorably to error and self-deception”. One need to be cautious and humble.

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