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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Yoga Vasishta and Buddha

I started re-reading Yoga Vasishta and was surprised to find many notes I have written all along the margins of the pages in Chapter 1.   My remarks were made to show how similar the passages are to Buddha’s teachings.

Here are the examples.  This chapter starts with Rama explaining why he is thinking deeply. and says: Asthira sarva eva, meaning that everything is impermanent.  Then he says : aayuh pallavakonagralamba  ambukanabhanguram which means, life is like a drop of water at the end of a blade of grass.

 In the next section, Rama is wondering how, when oceans dry up, stars disappear, saints die and even the pole star is not permanent, there is any assurance of longevity or permanence for ordinary mortals. He also says jeevitham dhukhamayam meaning that life is full of sorrow and asks Vasishta and Viswamitra:  yena noonam nirdhukhatham gathah which translates to : “How can I conquer sorrow?”. This is exactly the question Buddha asked too.

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