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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Anger is in me; so is Compassion, so is Love

This piece was inspired by reading Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh,  known to his disciples as “Thay”.

Buddha said that we are a repository of “wholesome” traits and “unwholesome” traits. We have to “water” the wholesome ones and nurture them like plants and replace the “unwholesome” ones with the “wholesome” ones.  On deep looking, as suggested by Buddha

When I get angry, I am angry at this, that or the other
   Anger is in me
When I get jealous, I am jealous at this person or that person
 Jealousy  is in me
I cannot get angry with anyone, if I do not have anger in me
I cannot be jealous, if I do not have jealousy in me.

I can love everyone, since I have love in me.
If I do not have LOVE in me, how can I love anyone?

Before I can love anyone else, I have to have love in me
For love to grow in me, I have to forgive myself.
To forgive myself, I have to understand myself.
To understand myself, I have to listen deeply to myself.

I have to EXPERIENCE my negative energies
I have to EXAMINE them
I have to gently ELIMINATE them
I should not “water” them.

I have to know my positive energies too.
              so I can “water” them.
I will then be able to “water” the strengths of others
I will refrain from “watering” the weakness of others

I can do all this, if I can
See the Universal in every Individual

And see the Original Spark everywhere.