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Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Thought-Exercise

There is the sun, the moon, the tree and the house I live in. I see them; so do you. What I “see” is based on a mental map my brain made of that external reality. What you see is based on the same external reality, but by your brain. They are similar, but not the same; not identical. However, your map and my map match close enough so we can share and discuss the same realities.  

When there are thousands and millions of us, the mental maps are also thousands and millions since the mental maps are made by individual brains in individuals. The maps may not match perfectly. But they refer to the same reality. The reality is only one.   

I am aware of my individual map of the reality and you are aware of yours. You cannot be aware of my mental map except that you are aware of the fact that I have my own mental map, somewhat similar to yours. The reverse is also true. Is there a common entity of Universal Awareness, a Supra-consciousness that stands for the commonality of the mental maps of all of us? This will be akin to the “ideal” of Plato in the Greek system. Is that what is called Brahman in the Vedas? If so, what does that depend on? 

Just as there is only one reality and several mental maps, can there be only one mental awareness (Universal Awareness) and several individualized mental maps of that awareness? But, awareness seems to suggest the need for a subject, an object, knowledge about that object and a physical entity as a platform for all of these to occur. In individuals, it is the brain. What is it in the universal sense? Can there be a Subject not needing a platform to operate from and without any object? 

Thinking differently, once we speak of a mental map, it is an object. The ultimate base as a logical explanation of a common source is subject without an object. Therefore, there cannot be any mental image. If we define the ultimate base as a Pure Subject and one for which no mental image is possible or needed, it is the same as saying that it is the Subject without any object. Any discussion then becomes circular reasoning.  

Whatever IT is, IT has to be the One Primordial Cause and has to be the common source for all. Each individual unit has part of the original imbedded inside. Therefore every individualized unit is capable of knowing IT intuitively (just as we are aware of our lives) and IT is knowable to the individuals (Its parts) without need for a mental map. May be?