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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Big Bang Theory and its implication - A Time- for-Thought Exercise

              I was reading an essay on the “gravitational forces emanating from the early Universe” by Lawrence Krause (Scientific American October 2014 pages 59-67). It talks about “inflation” at the moment of the big bang. Similar ideas were expressed earlier by Stephen Hawking in his book on “A Brief History of the Time”.  

I do not understand many of the concepts and physical constants. But, I have no problem understanding the general idea expressed by these authors. If indeed our current Universe came out of “inflation” after a “big bang”, the implication is that time in this universe started with the big bang. Was there “time” before that? Second, scientists say that the universe expanded or inflated like a balloon. Great! But, into what space did it expand into? The way we use language makes me ask this question. For the universe to expand, there has to be some “space” already existent to expand into. Where did that space come from?  

When we use the word “inflate” do we not imply space outside and inside that which is expanding? Does that not suggest that our universe has to be part of another universe? Or is this a mental trap created by language? If so, how can we approach the question without the use of language and linguistic logic? Indeed, in a more recent article, I found that the entire concept of “space” is indefinite and relative, particularly at the quantum level.  

At another level, how are we able to detect signals generated billions of years ago and attribute it to “inflation”? The generating forces obviously left tell-tale signals. That does not surprise me. Human brain detected those signals. That surprises me. And, to perform that task, the human brain invented technology, special mathematics and so on. But, what force or forces made it possible for this brain, which is capable of detecting those forces, to come into being?  

The mystery is that everything we see in this universe (including us, human beings) came out of this “big bang” event – may be. And human, this improbable product of the universe, is capable of measuring the background radiation from the "big bang", speculating about events and things  he/she had not  seen……… Am dumbstruck at this point! 

We have to depend on inference and speculation to the best possible approximation in reconstructing the “big bang”. Scientists have to perform that function. Rest of us have to go on faith. 
The more I read and think, it appears that space and time are inter-connected, relative and always in relation to something. There is no absolute space or time. It is already "tomorrow" "somewhere" else in this planet. What we see is not really what there is or where it is!