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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Vyasa’s discourse - Maha Bharata Series 27

The Pandavas are in exile, living in a forest. Yudhishtra is angry at the Kauravas and also at himself for being a gambling addict (playing dice). He is despondent, at which time Sage Vyasa shows up. He is sad to look at the plight of the Panadavas.

Vyasa is addressing Yudhishtra: “No one can experience unbroken happiness. Happiness and misery come in turns. Therefore, the wise are never carried away by either realizing, that life has its ups and downs. They learn to enjoy happiness and bear suffering as they come and with equanimity. Your asceticism will bear fruit. Sometimes, fruits of acts done in this world come only in the next.”

He goes on to say: “Purify yourself with truth, sincerity, control of anger and malice, justice and self-control. When you control your senses and the mind, you do not get perturbed and gain tranquility. By giving to others one attains happiness. Charity is the hardest virtue to practice since no one wants to let go of the wealth they acquire. But, even a small gift given in good spirit to a worthy person at the right time is of great value”.

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