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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Draupadi and Satyabhama - Maha Bharata series 30

Draupadi and Satyabhama are alone, talking. Satyabhama asks Draupadi how she is able to keep the five brothers so obedient to her wishes and how is it that they never get angry at her. She asks: “Do you keep them under control because of your youthful appearance, recitation of a particular formula, use of collyrium or some other medicine or practice of vows or the use of homa?”.

Draupadi answers by saying that they are methods used by wicked women. How can I know about them? She says: “I keep aside my vanity, desire and anger and serve the brothers and their wives. I control my jealousy and serve them with complete devotion. I never set my eyes on any other men and I do not eat or sleep till my husbands are fed and have gone to bed. I keep the house in order and serve food at proper times. I keep away from gossip and idleness. I do not laugh inappropriately and do not linger at the door unnecessarily. I give alms and take care of our ancestors according to the instruction by the venerable Kunti Devi. I do not act against my husband’s words and never speak ill of my mother-in-law.  Those are my charms and not those of wicked women”.

This is the last dialogue from Book 3. The next in the series will start from Book 5.

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