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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Living in Day-tight Compartment

In my post on Mental Health Tips for All Times (April 11, 2020), one of the items I included was “Live in Day-tight compartments”. Here is an explanation for that quote.

“Live in Day Tight Compartments” was the advice Dr. (Sir) William Osler’s gave in his famous address to the graduating medical students at Yale in 1913. Dr. Osler who became the Professor of Medicine in four major universities modernized the practice of medicine and medical education.  In this address, he advised young physicians to practice their skills consistently, one day at a time in Day Tight Compartments. He also said that he learnt this from Thomas Carlyle who said:

Our main business is not to see

What lies dimly at a distance

But to do what lies clearly at hand.

In Mindful Living, it is called Living in the present moment, Calming the mind and Expanding the heart. And, just today I realized that the present moment is the intersect between my historical dimension as an individual (the part) and the Universal dimension, the Whole, the Essence.

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