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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Mental Health Tips for All Times - From several sources

                                Good sleep


                                Time with Nature


                                Daily Routine (not too strict)

                                Writing journal (diary)

Finding something you like to and, doing it daily


                                Read (not only what you always like to read; but something new and different. Some humor; classics)

                                Music – listen or better still, sing or play

Write letter(s)

Send a note of gratitude or send a gift

Better still Volunteer  

Indulge yourself a little, not too much

Build and maintain relationships with unconditional love and compassion

Avoid competitions and comparisons

Stay informed from reliable sources

Avoid 24-hour news channels

“Live in day-tight compartments” 

Be detached without getting disengaged, if you can (this is particularly for the seniors)

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