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Friday, September 4, 2020

Liberation from what? And, what for?


 One point of view asks us to seek eternal happiness and immortality. Another view says that there is nothing called eternal bliss or non-death. It says: “just deal with this reality of impermanence by living this life well”. One other view says that this life with all its problems and miseries is not worth bothering about and asks us to renounce everything. Yet another view says that there must be an abstract primordial “something” out of which “all we see and experience” have come  and says: “just merge with it”.

Bhakti (Faith based) method suggests choosing a personal God whom you should love and dedicating your life serving that chosen God. It is possible to merge with that “God” say some. Others say that we can never hope to become one with God and that we will always be separate. The best we can hope for to be near Him and enjoy his nearness. Even to obtain that joy “you have to put in your effort” say some. “No, you do not have to do anything. Just surrender and He will take care of you” says another. Two subdivisions of the same sect have different ideas of what moksha is.

“Realize that Purusha is aloof, untouched by material things. Realize that your material body is not the real thing. It is all maya. Keep reflecting till the real reveals Itself” says another. “Karma” says one; “Samsara" says one; “maya” says one; “lila” says one.

Reach it by action says one; by devotion says another. One says that It is attainable through “yoga” and another says it is through “bhoga”.

“Only direct perception can show you what reality is” says one. Perception and inference say some. Perception, inference, and scriptures say another. Non-perception is also an evidence says one system. None of them will do; the only way to realize Reality is to experience It says the Vedas.

“Believe in me because I am the only way” say some.  All rivers lead to the same ocean says another.

This cosmos, this life and human consciousness are  all mysteries. They are for experiencing with humility. Why not keep reflecting? Why not keep asking and seeking with an open mind cleared of all cobwebs.

Because, liberation is ultimately liberation from all dogmas, from all attachments including attachment to dogmas, from all attachments to academic classifications of points of views and from personal blinders and prisms through which we observe the world.

Everything we see and experience is impermanent. Is that a sufficient reason to keep searching for a permanent thing? Why not accept the reality as is evident and live a life of loving-kindness and compassion? That way, if there is another world of permanent life, you will get there. If there is none, you had the satisfaction of living a noble life.

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