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Monday, November 16, 2020

Future Generations


“We do not inherit this earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children” is a famous quote. There is controversy about the originator of this statement. But the truth in this statement is becoming clear every day. I believe that the past few generations (that includes mine) have not been responsible stewards of this planet. Blinded by the successes of technology, with emphasis on quick profits and GDP rather than on the value of and respect for all lives, and being carried away by the “affluenza” to buy more and more of bigger things, we have scrapped the earth to its core, dumped wastes into the waters and saturated the air with chemicals. An author whose name I do not recall said that “if we were tenants of this earth, we would have been evicted long ago”.

The young are getting angry and frustrated. Their voices must be heard now and acted on. It is heartening to learn that one nation is doing just that. The Government of Wales, which is part of Great Britain has developed a plan to be implemented by the year 2050, with its focus on the future generations. They have even appointed a Commissioner for Future Generations. It is exciting, encouraging and gives us hope. If only every nation joins this movement!


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