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Friday, April 15, 2022

Real Time and Potential Time - An important addendum


I wrote the piece on real and potential time a few days back and posted it today. It is amazing that I did not know that a whole book is being published on this topic this year. The title of the book is: Out of Time: A philosophical study of Timelessness and is written by Samuel Baron, Kristie Miller and Jonathan Tallant. It is published by the Oxford University Press.

A summary of this book was just published yesterday (April 14, 2022) written by one of the authors, Samuel Baron in The Conversation and is also available at under the title: Time might not exist according to physicists and philosophers – but that is okay. (Time might not exist, according to physicists and philosophers, but that's okay)

Of course, these authors are scientists (physics, I think). Their book is based on analysis of available facts. My idea is pure intuition. I am not a physicist or cosmologist. My idea is not based on any scientific analysis. It is pure intuition, looking at the universe like our ancient rishis did, like a child, with awe and innocence. 

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