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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Why would anyone want to live on the Moon or the Mars?

 During a nature walk, when I was experiencing and enjoying the colors of flowers, the sounds of birds, the cold gusts of wind and the warm sun, my thoughts jumped from this beautiful planet to the moon and spacewalk.

I wondered why anyone would want to live in a Lunar colony or Martian colony? I can certainly understand the curiosity and the exploring nature of us humans. A visit to the moon or the Mars is OK. But why would I want to live there?

These planets do not have such beautiful bounties of nature like we have on Mother Earth. What beautiful mountains? What beautiful waterfalls and rivers? How many varieties of trees and flowers with so many colors and fragrance? How many beautiful birds and animals? Even the volcanoes have their own beauty if we stay away from them. How about the rainbows and the aurora borealis?

Why would I – for that matter anyone- want to go to a barren land without any scenery and live there? Come to think of that, we cannot even live in those places without our own oxygen supply, temperature control and food. Why would I want to live in any place other than earth?

This is not to disagree with space exploration. This is to keep space exploration in proper perspective while appreciating the wonders of nature right here on earth and protecting her for future generations.

How about exploring our own planet and our own “interior landscape” with respect and better understanding?


Ramesh said...

Oh Mars would present sights unthinkable from Earth. How about two moons. Zillions of stars in the night sky, incredible twilights, even a violet sky, ability to see for miles without anything blocking the view .......

I'm just kidding. I know what exactly you mean with this post.

And if you travel, you see even more wonderous sights on earth. That's enough for me. But, I suspect, it won't be enough for our descendants, even in the spirit of this post.

Balu said...

Agree with this point of view also. This place is for such comments with different points of view. Thank you for the comments.
Cannot help documenting the pleasure of looking at the milky way and the bright planets and stars, as one who grew up in a small-town setting in India before the era of "light pollution". In fact, we did not even have a clock in the house and my grandmother could tell the approximate time by looking at the stars and the planets. It is too bad we have to go into space or to the middle of an ocean to enjoy that natural splendor.
I wish to re-emphasize my final point in my original post, which is exploration of our "inner landscape", a journey into our own inner self.