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Saturday, October 15, 2022

One Mind

 Thinking beyond duality, looking at the Essence of the Universe as is, 

The One Mind is the Open mind, that includes everything. 

The One Mind is the Universal Mind

"My" isolated mind relates to things, which means "me and the other", duality. 

My little mind which thinks, imagines and emotes 


the Universal, Big Mind 

Which makes “my” mind aware of its thinking, imagining and emoting

Are they the same?

Life is breath, rhythmic

Life is heart beating, rhythmic

"My" consciousness is complex and chaotic

But the Universal Consciousness is calm and continuous.

Like the wave and the water.

One moves and its base is still.

Wave and water are the same.

Without water there is no wave.

Why am I saying all this

At this time?

Because the "big mind" is taking "the little" mind there!

"My" little mind seeing itself as is, here and now.

Am I making any sense?

Do I have to?

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